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Vintage baubles

Well it's taken us 5 weeks to complete this first project in the Platinum group, I hope you have enjoyed the process and the slow stitching, sometimes it's just what we need. Today I am posting the final pictures of the completed baubles. I would love your feedback.

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Thank you Lizzy, loved this project. I did use my machine in places but enjoyed the process.

You really inspire me to try new crafts and skills So thank you 🙏😘


Unknown member
Feb 06, 2023

Thank you lizzy for a beautiful make I have just began putting my pieces together I love anything vintage xx


Thoroughly enjoyed this video and the finished project. Hand stitching is so calming, will be doing more of it. Sorry didn,t watch live, timing was wrong for me. Thank you so much Lizzy for all your hard work and time that you give to us. xx


Really enjoyed the project


Kathryn Morgan
Kathryn Morgan
Feb 05, 2023

This bauble is absolutely stunning. I just love the fabrics, the fun and the finished project. it's lovely to have these videos to sew along to. Thank you x

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