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Our new acrylic templates

I can't begin to explain how I ventured into this with my fingers firmly crossed behind my back thinking will people like them.

So many hours of sketching and thinking (that's particularly hard!) before the final drafts were sent to be made up. Fortunately the Company producing them were one step ahead, they remembered the seam allowance!! I know, so many things to go through before they are 100% perfect for everyone to enjoy. They must of course be useful, practical and come with ideas and inspiration to help everyone get the best out of them.

When I demonstrated products on Craft TV we would get 10 minutes to explain what the product was and use it. Mainly that was it, so people would invest their hard earned cash on my say so, and from what they saw. There were a few samples and a video but I really wanted to go one step further. So nearly all the samples you can see especially for the new Leaf templates will have patterns, there is a free one in the leaflet that accompanies the product, which is fabulous!

I am so very lucky to be surrounded by super talented people in my admin team, chosen for their various skills, and by golly they have done me proud!!! Here are some of the pictures to inspire you too. Enjoy, I'm sitting here, kicking back with a nice glass of sherry, why don't you get your favourite tipple and join me?

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Its such an amazing little template, so many possibilities. I think there is going to be so many fab creations made using this.

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