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Gloria - B22 a packaway travel cushion

Have you ever gone to sit on a park bench in your new best white trousers? Well I did recently on holiday, I had to sit down though, I was so hot and tired! I studied the bench for a few seconds and thought it doesn't matter, I can wash my lovely new white shorts when I get home. But I immediately thought that a little travel mat/cushion would have been perfect, and perfect for that moment where you need to sit, and sit anywhere! So I thought for my last MIM I would make something for me, and in the video it'll be a version for John who supports Norwich city football club. Yellow and green it is. I am going to add a carry handle too, but for me it'll be tucked behind my rucksack straps, out of the way and nice and safe.

Loving Janet the backpack, but loving Gloria more today!

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