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Are we all the same or all different?

"Don't cast a clout until May is out!"

I'm led to believe that the saying above is all about the May blossom or Hawthorn tree. It would appear, that the advice is not to bring out your summer wardrobe until the tree has put on her spring display. Well, the blossoms on the trees near my home have been out for a few weeks now, and the whole place has taken on a new look for Spring.

This is a Hawthorn tree in the autumn. Red berries, dark leaves and somehow a deep serenity about it.

The Hawthorn tree in May is a different creature. Bright leaves, stunning white blossoms and a vibrance it lacked a short time ago.

Now take a look at this photo and see what it reminds you of...

This is a picture of Lizzy's Cabin Fever quilt. Many of you will have already signed up for the workshop* in June, so will be familiar with this image. When you saw it first, what did you see? Did you see log cabin blocks? How about flying geese blocks? Does it look 3D to you, where the centre of the blocks are in the distance, or are they close up? Was your eye drawn to greens or purples?

By virtue of the fact that we are all different, we will all see something different in colours, shapes and dimensions. Some of you will love the Hawthorn in October, others will prefer the sight in May. In the quilt I see lavender fields, organised and ordered. I see line upon line of lavender bushes and can imagine the wonderful aroma of the flowers.

Pop a comment in as you read this. Tell me what you see, what you think about and perhaps, what colours you may use to make yours.

So, what about the next image?

This is another workshop* quilt called All Clammed Up. The beautiful colours and their positioning within the quilt make it obvious that these are clam shell blocks! Really? Are you sure? I'm not! The more I look at it, the more, and indeed less, I see! What happens if we turn it upside down for instance? (-:

And what about if we made it monochrome... ?

Ah, now I get it! It's made up of lots of Darth Vader's head shapes. Perfect, I understand it completely now. It's a "Sci Fi" quilt.

No, no, hang on. I see two heart shapes at the top and two elephants with their backs to me at the bottom. It's an "I love animals" quilt :-)

All this illustrates how our perception is altered by the colours and textures of that which we study. The Hawthorn outside my lounge window is the same tree all year round. I hardly notice it most of the time but today I see it in it's resplendent, blossomed glory.

The great thing about crafting, be it sewing, paper crafting, yarn crafting, textile art, or what ever you do, is that you make it unique. Yes, the basic pattern may be the same for us all but your interpretation with fabrics and colours will change everything. Never underestimate your creativity. Ok, so you may not feel able to design the projects you make but I believe creativeness is continuous.

When the designer produces a pattern, is that the start or the end? Erm...

When you make something, is that the creative theme finished? No!

Creativity is circular rather than linear. There is no start, there is no end. There are twists and turns, ups and downs, ins and outs and further designs. Because of, and despite our individuality, collectively we can create the most wonderful artefacts and magnificent works of art.

Remember today to look around you. Find that one thing in your surroundings today that warms your heart and stimulates your creative being. Apply that to a project you love and you're off.

See you next time.

Happy Crafting.

*For more information about The Cabin Fever and All Clammed Up workshops, click here

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Thanks for the blog Kath. As someone who loves hugging trees whatever the season I just loved your pictures of the Hawthorne, both in and out of bloom. Trees have so much to offer in our creative world, leaves of differing shape, size and colour, trunks, some with smooth bark, some rough and some with beautiful colouring. And when you look up the tangled branches give us so many shapes, silhouettes and shadows. So yes I will 'remember to look around and find that one thing in my surroundings that warms my heart and stimulates my creative being' Happy sewing everyone ❤️


It never ceases to amaze me how the different seasons bring such pleasures. Your Hawthorn tree is gorgeous in bloom and reminds me of another change from winter to spring. Where I live are rows upon rows of cherry blossoms but unfortunately are gone with a gust of wind. Lizzys quilt with the purple reminds me of lavender fields, where as the green are the farmers fields full of growing wheat. The eye does play tricks but it’s wonderful that with so many ideas any project can look different to us all. Beautiful blog Kath. I love reading them. Xx😊


Me again. I’ve decided to face my fear and have signed up for the All Clammed Up workshop. Eeek! 👏

May 08
Replying to

I’m very pleased Carol! You’ll be fine, I take it slow, for my benefit too!! Lizzy xx😍


Very thought provoking Kath. Sometimes it is hard to look at these beautiful quilts and think well I couldn’t do that, but when I sit quietly and really look at them, I begin to see lots of different things and I start thinking, well I could do that bit, or I might be able to do that and how about doing such and such colour scheme. Yes we are all different and we should embrace that because looking at and doing things differently doesn’t make us any less of a person it just makes us who we are. ❤️


Such a wonderful blog Kath, very interesting and made me look differently at the quilts. The coloured one looks like Chinese fans to me and the monochrome looks like birds in a row on the sea walls. I agree that dependent on the colour I choose I may actually see something else, so looking forward to both of the quilts.

The log cabin looks like the really old auditorium with men seated on two sides and woman on the other two sides, the outdoor brick ones, I wander what or whom they are listening too, is it an evening show that is interesting or are they employees forced to attend a daytime seminar 😁

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