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Hello everyone... thank you for visiting my website. Here you will find my patterns. They are all A4 or letter sized PDF downloads, sent via email and are valid for 30 days. They are super easy to download and save to your device anywhere in the world! There are no products to send out or a gazillion choices, just the patterns. 
Pillows And Blankets
Antique Lanterns Displayed on the Floor
Fabrics and Sketches
Girl Holding Shopping Bags
Storage containers for art and craft
Fabric Bags
Sewing Machine
Sewing Studio
Paper Packaging
Back to School  _edited.jpg

More coming soon

Pin Cushion
Cutting Fabric



We have a  GOLD  membership, which was created in 2019, it is  hugely successful with 700 members to date! See below this months patterns, available now for GOLD members.

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Every month on the 1st,  I add the minimum of 2 new patterns... these were added on the this month.

Amy (1).png