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What is a community?

Welcome to the June blog post. I can hardly believe we're almost half way through the year!

Did you see Lizzy's reel on her Facebook page? It's a photographic look back at May, reminding us of what we've enjoyed:

  • a plethora of patterns

  • a wonderful workshop planned for later in the year

  • dozens of discounts - have you been onto the special Creative Friends website page? You need to keep visiting it if you don't want to miss out!

  • copious content on Facebook

Of course, what we've had a lot of in May is rain! I'm not sure I remember a wetter May, but then my memory is not what it was! We did enjoy a few sunny days but always seemed to pay for them with even worse rain. However, I have good news - well it is if you live near me! When I looked at the forecast this morning, it said that "no rain is expected for the next 10 days! Perhaps I can finally fit in a bit of gardening, hhhmmm...

So if you missed anything in May, here are a few photos

Hattie - what a lovely pouch for little things. Plasters, ear pods, tape measure, even a little notepad and pencil.

Frannie, a super little purse with a zip, pockets galore and a huge personality.

On 1st May the lovely Wissett pattern was released. I use mine as a yarn bowl when I'm knitting. What do you use yours for?

Cathy is the latest workshop to be released, scheduled for late August. She is stunning!

It wouldn't be right for me to talk about May without mentioning LALA Land 2024. What a great day! Friends from far and near came together to enjoy shopping, sewing, gifts, surprises, and of course, bingo. It was such a treat to see friends whom we may not have met before, as well as those we had.

Of course the biggest change for May was the official launch of Creative Friends, the building of our crafty community. Often when we experience change, we are wary or anxious and the first consideration is "how will this affect me". That's just human nature. But, without change we cannot progress, we cannot move on or grow. The Creative Friends subscription was a really big change and not least of all because of the new affordable price. If you've been on the Moon or in the depths of the rain forest (it has felt like it some days), then you may not be aware of the benefits there are to being a Creative Friend. After you've read this, hop over to the subscriptions tab, see what's on offer and then you'll realise what you've missed. The biggest benefit of course is being part of a family and having the friendship and support that a community provides.

You'll be glad to hear though that no major changes are forecast for June. However, that doesn't mean that it won't be exciting.

Will there be some new patterns? Well I can't guarantee it but...

Will we enjoy some live FB events? Definitely!

Will there be discounts? Sure to be!

One thing to note at this point is the return of the monthly Album. The June album is now open in the Creative Friends FB group, so you can add photos of what you've been making. Every day, one of the admin team (we take it in turns) chooses a photo as a Tea Time Treat. So, at 6pm each day, the photo is posted again and gets the accolade of being the "treat" for the next 24 hours. It's a great feeling when others love your work and let you know. Appreciating one another is important in our Creative Friends community: letting others know that their creativity has brought you joy is very powerful, and we all need that feedback and encouragement from time to time.

So, to repeat the title of the blog post, What is a Community?

One lovely definition of "community" includes the words "similarity" and "identity". Last month, if you remember, I asked are all the same or all different. It's fair to say in my opinion, that in a community such as ours, our common love of beauty and creativity, and the similarities we share, identify the group of people we are. Besides being fun and safe, our community is inclusive and encouraging, considerate and kind, and respectful of individuality. What better place is there?

Ok, so things to remember:

  • As a Creative Friend, keep looking at the Creative Friends' page on the website. You literally don't know what could be coming next!

  • Post photos of your projects in the album in the FB group, your photo could be tomorrows Tea Time Treat!

  • Support your community by saying hello, sending a little heart or adding a comment to your friends' posts.

  • And most importantly, remember you are part of something strong, something exciting, and something great. Without you, it would just be ordinary.

I too am part of this wonderful community, so if you really want to make my day, add a comment here and I'll reply and react with a heart from me to you.

Look after each other.

Kath x

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13 comentarios

Thanks for your blog Kathryn, plenty of food for thought. Happy summer days to you ☀️ xx

Me gusta

Thank you for your blog Kath, I am pleased that I joined this group as it is so friendly and helpful xx

Me gusta

Lovely blog Kath, thank you. I’m so glad I’m part of the group, fun and friendship with amazing support.

Me gusta

Well said Kath, life changes, things change and this community is a wonderful place to be. Thank you and Lizzy for keeping us on our toes xx

Me gusta

I hope you do get the extended periods of sunshine 🌞, as always a very informative and fun blog, such a lovely group, regardless of our name, we continue to support each other, have a fantastic month Kath 🤗🤗

Me gusta
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