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Frequently asked questions

Every pattern is sent to your email address, it is a download, which you can save and use another time. You can sell anything you make, but not the pattern, which is watermarked.

The price you pay is a one off payment for the pattern, I pay a one off fee to paypal if that's your chosen way to pay.

Please remember your email address and password if you sign in.  I do not have access to that, and I cannot amend or alter it in any way. 

The video tutorial page is under construction, a complete revamp, so it will be a better way to view the video's and easy to find the one you want.

Patterns are valid as a download for 30 days only, so please download and save straight away.

Always send me a message via chat, I might not see it immediately but I respond to everyone!

Always ask me if your in any doubt as to how all this works!

GOLD membership is a cost effective way to get my patterns for a very reasonable cost of £6.95 per month.

You can cancel anytime.

The £6.95 fee is taken from your account once a month.

The £6.95 fee which is reduced to £6.50 approx after paypal charges covers the cost of design, proof reading and sample making. It also covers the 3 or 4 facebook live events every month. 

You can join the facebook page especially for GOLD members

Once you SIGN UP you then LOG IN when you want your patterns.

Your free patterns are available for one calendar month from the 1st.

They are found in the members area.

Free tutorials via a facebook live once a week are also on the members area.

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