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Frequently Asked Questions


Every pattern is sent to your email address as a download, which you should save for future use. The download is only available for 30 days so be sure to download the file immediately to your own device which must be able to download files.  We recommend you have a printer too, which you will need for some of the patterns.

The price you pay is a one off payment for the pattern.  The pattern is watermarked and may not be shared or sold.  Items made from the patterns may be freely sold.

Please remember your email address and password when you sign in.  I do not have access to that, and I cannot amend or alter it in any way. 

If you're struggling with anything, please use the Contact page to send a message;  all messages will receive a response.

Membership is a cost effective way to get my patterns for a very reasonable cost.  The fee is taken from your account once a month.  If you need to amend your bank card, ie when it expires, please log into your account on the home page and update the details.  If your membership is cancelled, this may be due to an out of date card, so please check this before emailing us for help.

You may decide you wish to cancel your membership and you may do this at any time.  If you belong to the facebook group(s), you'll be removed from these immediately at the point of cancellation, although your membership will remain effective for the rest of the month.  You still have access to the website, so you miss nothing.

The fee covers the cost of design, proof reading and sample making. It also covers the 3 or 4 facebook live events every month. 

Once you've signed up on the website, log in and visit the members page to download your patterns.  New patterns are loaded on the first and third Mondays of each month and are free for that calendar month.  It's a good idea to get into the habit of downloading* these immediately, although we do always remind you towards the end of the month.  All patterns can be found on the Members page.

*You must have a device which is capable of downloading files and to which you can link a printer, as you will need to print some of the patterns.

To get the most out of your membership, please ask to join our facebook groups: 

Lizzy's Sewing Group (for all members)

and Platinum Members (for Platinum members only)

and Making it Special

Free tutorials are held weekly on facebook, almost always on a Thursday at 7 pm (UK time - google for your own time zone).  These are also shared here on the website, usually the day after.

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