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"To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often" - Winston Churchill


October was another fun month, with the release of two wonderful new patterns from Lizzy. You may have noticed too, that they were introduced to the shop early in preparation for the changes to come in November, we'll talk about those in a minute.

We've seen some beautiful Oriana bags made and the October Autumn Apple has been made by some and is in progress for others. What super stitchers you all are!


October Autumn Apple

The platinum members enjoyed some lovely projects in their group over the past few weeks too. The temperature hexagons were made over 7 weeks, each one representing the temperature on one day each week.

This is a photo of one of the members' hexagons made into a beautiful hanging ornament:

The Treasurty Box has been a wonderful project made using fabrics dyed with tea, some weeks ago. Over the weeks of October, many boxes have been made, all different, all wonderful. The boxes are real treasure chests and just perfect to hold little treasured items. I can see some of these becoming real heirlooms.

This is just one of many!

The Lizzy Curtis Facebook page has been busy too. Lizzy and I have revisited some older patterns and demonstrated making them in Monday night lives. We've had lots of new followers join the Making It Special group, which is where you can display photos of your Lizzy makes, to be admired by all. So, we wanted to give our new and more seasoned members some inspiration and encouragement. Everyone loved seeing the projects and being entertained during the live demos. Lizzy and I had a great time too!

Then in Lizzy's Fabulous Sewing Group just last week, Lizzy and I rose to the challenge we set ourselves, to produce different patterns using the same 3 or 4 techniques. The result was a very fun live event making up our projects together, and two lovely new patterns, Ella and Holly, were released into the shop. It was huge fun and will definitely be repeated.

This is Ella from Lizzy, she is so pretty and such fun as well as being really useful for carrying absolutely anything.

This is Holly, from Yours Truly. I so enjoyed making this project bag. Great for hand stitching projects on the run.


Did you manage to take part in the sale of Lizzy's sample makes on the FB page? If you missed it, you missed a load of fun, the chance to buy some fantastic items and the excitement and frenzy of it all. Lots of you used the opportunity to do some Christmas shopping, what a great plan, all from the comfort of your own front room. Others decided to treat themselves to the original LIZZY CURTIS pattern samples - and why not, they could be worth a few bob in years to come! ;-)

However, don't be too disappointed about missing out this time, there will be another sale soon, so keep an eye open on FB for information regarding the next date. It'll be another fun evening and you may be able to catch some real value for money items.

BACK TO THE CHANGES THEN (after all, this is what you've been waiting for whilst I waffled on)

We all know that change can be uncomfortable, and indeed change for change's sake is pointless. But, this month we're introducing some changes to our processes in an attempt to improve content and services, not only for our members but for all customers and followers, far and wide.

So this is the new process (after some great feedback, thank you)

  • There will still be 2 fantastic patterns for the Gold/Platinum members as part of your subscription.

  • From this month (November), the patterns will be released one at a time. One on the first Monday of the month, and another on the third Monday of the month. The idea is that you are not overwhelmed with new patterns all at once and will have something to look forward twice in the month. Each pattern will still be downloadable for one month from release, as before, and then will be replaced on the members' page with the ones for the next month. Don't forget you need to download and save each pattern asap if you are a member. Don't leave it to the last minute or the moment will have passed, as they say.

  • Next, the new monthly patterns, free to members for that month, will be added to the shop as soon as they are released, for anyone to purchase. This give the opportunity for any non-subscribers to enjoy the new patterns straight away.

And just to give you the heads up...

  • From the 1st of January 2024, the Gold Membership subscription will be unavailable to buy. The only subscriptions available from that date, will be the Annual and Monthly Platinum memberships.

  • Those who have Gold membership already at that time will still be able to carry on as Gold members, with the same benefits as they enjoy now - the members patterns, once a week lives in the FB group and challenges/extras etc.

  • Unfortunately, the prices of patterns in the shop will need to increase from January too. We really would prefer for this not to have to happen but as for everyone, our costs have increased too :-( We are delaying the increases until the new year so that you have the opportunity to purchase before then, the patterns you would like, at the pre-increase price. We always strive to give value for money and it is with this in mind that we have given this "grace" time for you to benefit.

  • MIM patterns will increase to £2.99 each and the price for the bigger patterns will rise from £5.99 to £7.99 each.

However, the great news is:

  • There will still be special offers for you to enjoy every month!

  • We often have BOGOF offers on a Sunday and these will continue!

  • There will still be bonus freebies thrown in every now and then.

  • There will still be discounts for any reason we can come up with!

  • You just need to keep browsing the website!

Finally, Christmas is just around the corner now. I hope you are starting to get prepared, if you need any inspiration for decorations or gifts, you know where to come! There is the Seasonal Section in the shop and take a look at Lizzy's Favourites too.

Have a wonderful November. Keep sewing and I'll see you back here in a few weeks.

Kath x

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Thank you Kath, October was a wonderful month with so many beautiful projects, and November is looking fantastic 😊

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