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Looking Forward...

Welcome to our February 2024 blog post.

It does us good to look back and reminisce on great things achieved and moments enjoyed. Indeed, we should reflect and use our musings to plan and grow. This first week of February though, I'm in the mood for looking ahead and planning, there is so much to look forward to.

You will have heard by now that there are new things happening at Lizzy Curtis Designs. Lizzy is branching out into territories new and you're all invited to join in on this journey. Let's have a look at just what is happening.

50 Mini Makes by Lizzy Curtis

I can't believe you might not have heard about Lizzy's phenomenal new book, but I'm going to tell you about it anyway.

Lizzy has worked relentlessly over months, mostly in secret, to produce an absolutely outstanding piece of work.

The book comprises of over 150 pages of creativity and lusciousness. Among the 50 small but mighty patterns, are nestled stunning photos, words of encouragement and inspiration, and notes pages for you to use almost like a journal.

Now I have to admit I was in on this almost from the beginning (I love a secret). It's been so exciting to watch the idea and then the book emerge, to see the construction of an edifice of first class quality work. I've been a (tiny) part of the development of the layout, the choosing of the patterns, and the progress made each week. Then came the elation and pride, when the first copy dropped on the doorstep of Lizzy Towers. It is truly a work of art!

So, I know you all want your own copy and why wouldn't you? The official launch of the book will be at The Spring Quilts Festival at Duxford. Lizzy will have copies to sign and sell and I'll be passing her the pen - it could be that the beautiful new fountain pen that Santa brought for Lizzy, will be used for his purpose ;-)

Talking about events...

Leaving the book on the shelf for just a minute, let's have a quick look at the schedule for when and where it will be available:

Friday 8th - Sunday 10th March 2024

Book launch

Duxford Spring Quilts Festival

Imperial War Museum



We will be on stand 72, on the corner, near the quilts.

Saturday 6th - Sunday 7th April

West Norfolk Textiles Fair

Kings Lynn


Sunday 12th May



It may be that the book will be even more widely available after theses events. Fingers crossed!

Question Time...

You: Hang on a minute, I thought I heard something about a USB!

Me: You are so right, you did (well you may not have)!

We have (well, mostly Lizzy. OK well Lizzy has!) created a handy USB with 5 fabulous patterns ready to go. Just plug in and stitch up your dream designs. The wonderful content is all laid out for you in the photo below.

The USB will also be available at the events listed above, presented in a lovely little case to keep it safe.

You: I saw a cute little purse. Will there be a kit?

Me: Again Lizzy has created the pattern for this stunning little purse. I did have a little bit to do with it this time, but not much :-)

The kits will be premiering at the Duxford event and available then at King's Lynn and LALA Land. As you can see, apart from thread, everything you need is included. What a stunner!!

You: Well that's all fantastic but when are the February patterns coming out so that we can get stitching while we wait for the events to happen?

Me: The best question! And tomorrow (Monday 5th) is the day!

The first pattern called... well actually I'll let Lizzy tell you what it's called tomorrow lunch time, in her usual little launch video, when it will be available. As usual, the pattern will be on the members' page of the website for members to download, and in the shop for non-members to purchase.

Now I need to take a moment here to point out 3 very important things:

  1. Pattern for non members = £7.99

  2. Pattern for members = free (included in your membership)

  3. Membership per month = £6.99

I know you: you're all intelligent; creative, and clever! So, you will have already worked out how to get the pattern (plus the second one in February and all the other perks that come with being a member) for only £6.99 instead of £7.99 (the maths just don't add up do they?)

I'll leave that with you but the tab on the website you need, looks like this:

I'll ask one question now if I may: If you're a member, have you downloaded the January patterns yet? If not, you have until 12 noon tomorrow to do it or Jaida will disappear from the members' page and you'll be fed up!

You have a few options for your reply:

You: Yes of course I have!


You: No! I'll do it now! Thanks for the reminder.


You: I'm not a member yet so I'll sign up now, then I'll download the January patterns from the members' page and be ready for the first February pattern to arrive tomorrow. Phew, almost missed this!


So the upshot of all this rambling from me is that we do indeed have a huge amount to look forward to. There has been such a lot of work going on behind the scenes (as there always is, to be fair) and you deserve to enjoy the fruits of the labour.

I have talked so much about Lizzy as if she wasn't in the room and for that I make no apologies. I think she's worth talking about, don't you?

MANY MANY CONGRATULATIONS Lizzy on producing 3 wonderful items for us to look forward to enjoying. I and the admin ladies are so proud to be in your team.

Until the next blog post on Sunday March 3rd, happy sewing.

Kath x

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