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Today it is Spring.

Welcome to the March Blog Post.

The 1st of March is the meteorological start of Spring, so this is when Spring starts for me. I don't want to wait for the Spring equinox on 20th March, I want Spring now. I want longer hours of daylight, I want better weather, I want to see life springing (pun very much intended) into the trees and garden flowers, I want to wear bright clothes and sew with beautiful fabrics and I can do all that today.

The seasons come and go and each one holds hope in itself. Sometimes though we spend so much time looking forward to the future or reflecting on what's behind us, that we forget to enjoy the moment. Today, Sunday March 3rd, I've enjoyed my Sunday lie in and now I'm enjoying rambling on this post, the dogs are quiet and I have a few moments to relax. Perfect. What will you be doing today? Will you be rushing round, trying to fit in everything you haven't been able to do over the last few days? Will you be at work perhaps? Will you be looking after grandchildren or cooking for your family? Whatever you do today, don't forget to enjoy the moment.

I'm not going to talk much about the shows I'm so looking forward to, we did that in the February post. I'm not going to talk about Lizzy's book, 50 Mini Makes, which is now available to pre order! I'm not going to talk about the new pattern being launched tomorrow, though it is rather pretty! Instead, let's take time to relax, to slow things down. That doesn't necessarily mean doing nothing, it just means that whatever you do, rid your mind of everything else and focus. Perhaps today is the day when you finish that project or even start it, and when you do, you can enjoy that moment when you tick it off the list.

Let's have a look at what you may like to do today.

How about making Freda? She's a lovely quick little make.

Or Gloria? I'm sure you have some scraps of fabric you could use up.

Or, you may have started something lovely but just need a push to get on and finish it? I finished my 12 days of Christmas quilt this week and it really gave me a lift. I had created something lovely, I had ticked something off my list and I have something to look at which reminds me that I can achieve. What a great feeling! Go on, pick up your UFO and give it just half an hour, you will enjoy the moment and love that feeling. Everything else can wait.

We need to make more time to look after ourselves and I include myself in that too. I get so busy and have such long lists going round in my head that I sometimes find it difficult to concentrate on one thing at a time. I know I'm not alone, so make yourself some "me" time today.

This feels like a very preachy blog post. It's not intended that way. It's an encouragement to look after you and to inspire you to live and love today for what it is, the first Sunday of Spring.

I'll fill you in on all the news next month. Today's is a short blog post and intended that way. Today is for you. Grasp and enjoy the moment! My bacon sandwich has arrived ;-)

Kath x

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8 comentarios

Awwww Kath what a beautiful blog, you have a lovely way with words xxx

Me gusta

Thank you for this lovely post - I too enjoy the start of March 🌱🌹 lots to look forward to including my birthday 😍

Me gusta

Thank you Kath for a lovely post. All you say is very true and finding ‘me’ time is something I am slowly learning to do now. It is hard not to feel guilty about taking that special time, but I think sometimes it makes you a better person because you are more relaxed and able to deal with the next problem that comes along. So again thank you Kath for your lovely reminder. X

Me gusta

That was so lovely Kath, I also love the spring, the air being fresh, seeing new beginnings and the smell of cut grass. Thank you for your inspiration ❤️

Me gusta

Beautifully written and so true, thank you Kath. We do forget to do that sometimes. X

Me gusta
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