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A new day, a new dawn...

Well here we are in 2024. What a fabulous stitchy year we had in 2023. Let's take a brief look back and then we'll concentrate on what's to come in 2024.

Platinum Members

It's been a whole year now since we launched the Platinum membership and what a huge success that has been. We've done so much in the dedicated FaceBook platinum group and our platinum members have also enjoyed what was the Gold members' group and is now Lizzy's Sewing Group (affectionately called LSG).

Over 70 patterns were released on the website during 2023 and here are just a handful of photos of those projects, made by Lizzy's followers.

If you look closely at this picture you will see 8 cotton reels added to the photos, plus one as part of its original photo.

If you can find all 8, email me at

and your name will be added to the draw, and you could win a fabulous prize from Lizzy! (I asked very nicely for you)

12 Days of Christmas

From Boxing Day 26th December 2023 to Saturday 6th January 2024 this wonderful appliqué masterpiece took shape in front of our very eyes, in 12 FaceBook live sessions on the Lizzy Curtis page, free to everyone!

If you've missed this, where have you been?

Lizzy lead us through so many appliqué techniques, stitching techniques, border ideas and application, quilting ideas, colour suggestions, binding, and how to create something unique and very special.

The good news is that all the videos are available to watch on YouTube in a dedicated playlist. 12 videos packed full of tuition and entertainment, serious sewing and "laugh out loud" moments and much, much more.

I think I can safely say that everyone who joined in has thoroughly enjoyed themselves and learned so much. You can join in too! Go on, make something stunning, Lizzy has your back!

How lovely it is at times, to look back! But how much better is it to look forward?

A big part of life's richness is not knowing what's ahead of us, so that's why we at Lizzy Curtis HQ love to plan. There's nothing better than having something wonderful to look forward to.

So in 2024, we have more!

More quality patterns

Two regular patterns as usual, one released on the first Monday of the month, except for this month when the first is released tomorrow, and the second on the third Monday of the month. There will be bonus patterns, free patterns, extra patterns, reduced patterns, special patterns and projects demonstrated without patterns.

More workshops

So for you, this means more 1:1 tuition, more learning and knowledge, more sharing of techniques and skills.


  • Lizzy has years (and years) of experience in stitching, teaching, demonstrating, designing etc.

  • All the workshops will be in dedicated, closed groups on FaceBook

  • They are offered at phenomenal prices.

  • Some will be during a single session, others over a few nights.

  • All content: videos; PDFs, and information will be available in the groups for as long as you need it. You can watch over and over again.

  • These are not Zoom workshops, so no need to face cameras, it's just like you're in the room with Lizzy, just the two of you.

  • There is always opportunity to ask questions, get help/support and share photos of the lovely work you do.

We already have 2 workshops in the diary for this year, one this month and one in February. If you haven't yet signed up for them, go over to the "Workshops" section of the website shop and take a look.

More events for your diary

March 8th - 10th: The Spring Quilt Festival at Duxford, Imperial War Museum Duxford

Lizzy and I will be there with some surprise items. I am particularly excited about it as I get to be there every day!! If you can get there, we would love to see you.

April 6th and 7th: West Norfolk Textile Fair at Lynn Sport, King's Lynn

Here Lizzy has workshops on both days so I'll be manning the stand. You can book a workshop and or come and see me on the stand so we can meet in person, or have a catch up if we've met before.

And we have more surprises...(my lips are sealed)

So don't forget to:

  • look for cotton reels in the photo above, email me to let me know where you found them, and be in with a chance of getting a super Lizzy prize

  • head for the shop to book your workshops

  • put events dates in your diary and start planning

That last page turned is a perfect excuse to write a whole new book.

K x

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