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special offers for you

Every month we offer two beautiful patterns at a special price. It only lasts the month, so maybe sometimes you strike lucky and this current month's special offers are right up your street! So don't hesitate to get your copy and download and save straight away.  We love what we do x

Special offer No 1

Amy is definitely one of those go to cover ups for any time of the year. Make from lovely lightweight fabrics so it drapes beautifully it will keep you warm in air conditioned restaurants, or keep the sun off in bright hot weather!  Amy is incredibly versatile and actually an easy make.  It fits up to a 55" bust too!

Special offer No 2

Mindy is such a useful make. Line it with Thermolam or insulating wadding/batting to keep the food cool. Use bright colourful fabrics to add to your fun day out. 

Why not make one for you and one for the kiddies? They'll love having their own little box of goodies.

The final measurements are approx, 5.5" x 5.5" x 8"


Milan is such a great make, and not too difficult either. It's a double zipped case, designed  to store anything from toys to toiletries, or sewing to crochet, perfect for any storage solutions you may need. You can add pockets too, if you wish, and a handle, but it's perfect as it is. 

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