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special offers for you

Every month we offer two beautiful patterns at a special price. It only lasts the month, so maybe sometimes you strike lucky and this current month's special offers are right up your street! So don't hesitate to get your copy and download and save straight away.  We love what we do x

Special offer No 1

The Abey Case, a fabulous large case to take all your sewing notions. Larger than A4, it will hold everything you need for taking with you to workshops, sewing days with your friends, or keeping on your desk ready for that next project.

Special offer No 2

Juna is an A4 sized soft storage envelope suitable for your tablet. Made from scraps of fabric, this is quick, easy and fun to make. A loop and button closure keeps your items secure and a pocket on the back adds room for the cable or other accessories.

Special Offer No 3

This is a wonderful bag with a secure zip fastening, added in such a way that it tucks well down in.   With an inside pocket, Fern is ideal for carrying and collecting your personal items, as well as being able to hold the few bits you may have forgotten during your weekly shop.  It is also great for taking with you small hand sewing projects, so you'll never be bored! 


The pattern is comprehensive and takes you step by step through the whole process. I hope you enjoy making this as much as I did

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