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special offers for you

Every month we offer two beautiful patterns at a special price. It only lasts the month, so maybe sometimes you strike lucky and this current month's special offers are right up your street! So don't hesitate to get your copy and download and save straight away.  We love what we do x

Special offer No 1

Fabulously big hexagonal box with pockets! Perfect for trick or treating or storing your favourite craft products... whatever you use Severus for, it's a perfect storage solution.  It measures approximately 6" high and 10.5" across, so a good size. 


Look at all the extra pictures from the members who have made loads..... and I thank them for allowing me to share them with you all.... 


This make has a full PDF pattern and a video.

Special offer No 2

A beautiful autumnal patchwork quilt, using our Autumn Leaf template. Made with a fabulous selection of fabrics in autumn colours but could be made in beautiful summer or seasonal colours. Sized at 60" square with a bonus pattern of a matching cushion.

Opal is a set of 3 hearts with a difference, we are making them using chenille work, which is a very interesting textural piece of work.


Using the minimum of fabrics you can achieve this lovely looking set of hearts, which could be filled with essential oil infused toy stuffing. Make in seasonal colours and hang around your home, or gift to a loved one.


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