special offers for you

Every month we offer two beautiful patterns at a special price. It only lasts the month, so maybe sometimes you strike lucky and this current month's special offers are right up your street! So don't hesitate to get your copy and download and save straight away.  We love what we do x

special offer No 1

This is Peta, perfect for hanging out the washing or in my case I store my smaller rulers in it and hang from my room door handle.  A nice easy make. 

 We love what we do x

Special offer No 2

This is Jazmin, perfect for washing days, in the home or on holidays... perfect for storing your fabric scraps, or lego bricks! So useful 

We love what we do x

April shoe carrier

A great make for school, holidays and for gifting. April has a double zip for easy quick access. Line with a waterproof fabric for wet football boots!