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To glue baste or not to baste

Updated: May 9, 2022

I am always looking for quick fixes, mainly to help with accuracy. Now I'm getting older my accuracy is not as good as it was, I don't mind, it's just how it is. I remember my Mum saying that she couldn't sew so well as she did, and no amount of encouragement could help her, her accuracy wasn't so good! Well now it's happening to me, so what can you do?

So I use quilters tape and basting glue, the last lot of glue was from an Australian lady who included it in a kit, but now I go to my favourite place Amazon. Of course !

So here are a few photo's of something I made ages ago in my Gold online group, but never finished it, or course, so today I got my basting glue out and just did it! So below is firstly the glue, it's on my amazon shop, there may be more affordable options but today I don't have any other links I can share with you. The pictures are in order. I have used the backing to bring forward to the front, it's such a great technique, and in my opinion far far easier than binding as normal. Try it and see.

In my honest opinion if you are struggling to get things placed accurately and need that extra help, I know I do, then try using this temporary glue. It comes with a fine nozzle so you can place little dots like I did, or a continuous line, which is a bit more wasteful but it might suit you. You do have to stitch afterwards, and use your iron to set the glue so it dries quickly. I hope you have found this useful, let your friends know that I am doing honest reviews.

So thanks for taking time out of your day to read this and study the pictures, please sew a fun day.

Lizzy xx

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