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Pink Bubbles

Platinum projects page

Please use this page to catch up on pictures from the Platinum projects, Video's will still be available on the front page on The Platinum Channel TV. they will always be available for everyone, whether you are brand new or joined from the start. Enjoy

Pink Bubbles

baubles project 1


From watching the video above on our special project this is the next step. Pin everything down.


The following step will take a while, hand

sew the pieces in place, use 3 strands of embroidery thread or perle thread. Nice running stitches is all you need to do. Look closely at mine.

Copy of Vintage bauble .png

Click on the picture for the PDF template for stage 2. Please watch the video first.


Watch the final video on how to sew these

together. I think they look fab!

Flowers project 2.

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